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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Click a school for current bus status, detailed information about that school, and a link to email the school.
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Abbett Elementary School4325 Smith Street46806 260.467.5800Joseph Rodgers
Adams Elementary School3000 New Haven Ave46803 260.467.5850Federa Smith
Arlington Elementary School8118 St Joe Center Rd46835 260.467.6000Diane Dikeolakos
Bloomingdale Elementary School1300 Orchard St46808 260.467.6700Anne Miller
Brentwood Elementary School3710 Stafford Dr46805 260.467.6775Sara Wertman
Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Ctr.1111 Greene St46803 260.467.4790Debora Krauhs
Croninger Elementary School6700 Trier Rd46815 260.467.6050Carolyn Kennedy
Fairfield Elementary School2825 Fairfield Ave46807 260.467.5900Lindsay Amstutz-Martin
Forest Park Elementary School2004 Alabama Av46805 260.467.6850Robin Peterman
Franke Park Elementary School828 Mildred Av46808 260.467.6925C. Brian Howard
Glenwood Park Elementary School4501 Vance Av46815 260.467.6200David Weber
Haley Elementary School2201 Maplecrest Rd46815 260.467.4510Brandon White
Harris Elementary School4501 Thorngate Dr46835 260.467.6300Jana Ankenbruck
Harrison Hill Elementary School355 Cornell Circle46807 260.467.7000Shawn Smiley
Holland Elementary School7000 Red Haw Dr46825 260.467.7075John (J.R.) Ankenbruck
Indian Village Elementary School3835 Wenonah Lane46809 260.467.5200Jay Peters
Irwin Elementary School3501 S Anthony Bl46806 260.467.5310Ingrid Laidroo-Martin
Jeff H. Towles Montessori School420 E Paulding Rd46816 260.467.4300Tamara Mullins
Levan Scott Academy950 E Fairfax Av46806 260.467.8050 Megan Orman
Lincoln Elementary School1001 E Cook Rd46825 260.467.5400Frank Kline
Lindley Elementary School2201 Ardmore Av46802 260.467.5350Mary Kinniry
Maplewood Elementary School2200 Maplewood Rd46819 260.467.7150Jennifer Evans
Nebraska Elementary School1525 Boone St46808 260.467.8000Jayson Balsley
Northcrest Elementary School5301 Archwood Ln46825 260.467.5450Dawn Starks
Price Elementary School1901 W State Bl46808 260.467.4950Steve Jones
Shambaugh Elementary School5320 Rebecca Dr46835 260.467.6150Shannon Rodgers
South Wayne Elementary School810 Cottage Av46807 260.467.8100Brenda West
St. Joseph Central Elementary School6341 St Joe Center Rd46835 260.467.6100William Critell
Study Elementary School2414 Brooklyn Av46802 260.467.8500Timothy Bobay
Washington Center Elementary School1936 W Wallen Rd46818 260.467.6250Andrea (DeeDee) Larkey
Washington Elementary School1015 W Washington Bl46802 260.467.8150 DaNene Neff
Waynedale Elementary School7201 Elzey St46809 260.467.8820Justin Arkkelin
Weisser Park Elementary School902 Colerick St46806 260.467.8875E. Kent Martz
Young Early Childhood Center1026 E Pontiac46803 260.467.8950Sherry Britt
Blackhawk Middle School7200 E State Bl46815 260.467.4885Kara Froning
Jefferson Middle School5303 Wheellock Rd46835 260.467.4825Jeff King
Kekionga Middle School2929 Engle Rd46809 260.467.6600Jennifer Mable
Lakeside Middle School2100 Lake Av46805 260.467.8625Alan Jones
Lane Middle School4901 Vance Av46815 260.467.4400Mark Bailey
Memorial Park Middle School2200 Maumee Av46803 260.467.5300Tim Rayl
Miami Middle School8100 Amherst Dr46819 260.467.8560Adam Swinford
Northwood Middle School1201 E Washington Center Rd46825 260.467.2930Austin Couch
Portage Middle School3521 Taylor St46802 260.467.4500Michael Christner
Shawnee Middle School1000 E Cook Rd46825 260.467.6525Matthew Schiebel
Towles New Tech420 E Paulding Rd46816 260.467.4300Tim Captain
High School
Bill C. Anthis Career Center1200 S Barr St46802 260.467.1010Larry Gerardot
New Tech Academy9100 Winchester Rd 46819 260.467.6400Liz Bryan
North Side High School475 East State Bl46805 260.467.2800Chad Hissong
Northrop High School7001 Coldwater Rd46825 260.467.2300 Kevin Simmons
Snider High School4600 Fairlawn Pass46815 260.467.4600Deborah Watson
South Side High School3601 S Calhoun St46807 260.467.2600Carlton Mable
Ward Education Center3501 Warsaw St46806 260.467.4570Gradlin Pruitt
Wayne High School9100 Winchester Rd46819 260.467.6400John Houser
Youth Life Skills1200 South Barr Street46802 260.467.6370Marc Outlaw
Special Education
Buschor Hear Preschool Center3622 Stafford Dr46805 260.467.6840Sara Wertman
Special Education1200 South Clinton Steet46802 260.467.1110Ann Barnes-Smith
Academic Services1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2005 
Assistant Superintendent - Elementary Schools1200 South Barr Street46802 260.467.1100Pam Musick
Assistant Superintendent - High Schools3601 S. Calhoun Street46807 260.467.2650Debra Faye Williams-Robbins, Esq.
Assistant Superintendent - Middle Schools2414 Brooklyn Avenue46802 260.467.8530Rita Turflinger
Budgeting1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2030Cathy Dinger
Business1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2000Kathy Friend
Career Education1200 S Barr St46802 260.467.1010Larry Gerardot
Chief Academic Officer1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2005 Tracy Williams
Chief Operations Officer1200 South Clinton46802 260.467.2010Charles Cammack, Jr.
Study Connection1200 South Clinton Street46802 260.467.8810Sharon Callender
Continuing Education1200 S Barr St46802 260.467.1060Patrick Boles
Driver Education1200 S Barr St46802 260.467.1085Larry Gerardot
English Language Learners1200 South Clinton Street46802 260.467.2105Emily Schwartz Keirns
Facilities and Support Services1200 S. Clinton St46802 260.467.2075Darren Hess
Federal Programs & Accountablity1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2100 
Fiscal Affairs1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2035Stefan Pittenger
Health Services1200 South Clinton Street46802 260.467.1080Mary Hess
Helen P. Brown Natatorium3301 S Calhoun St46807 260.467.2660Elizabeth Caywood
Human Resources1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2135 Kathy Carr
Maintenance and Operations1517 Catalpa St46802 260.467.2470Craig Ray
Media Services1511 Catalpa St46802 260.467.2517Amy Fish
Nutrition Process Center3211 West Ludwig Road46815 260.467.2500Lynn Peterman, Supervisor
Nutrition Services3211 West Ludwig Road46815 260.467.2055Candice Hagar
Office of Superintendent1200 S. Clinton St46802 260.467.2025Wendy Robinson, Ed.D.
Printing Services1511 Catalpa St46802 260.467.2527Lori Ritenour
Property Control1517 Catalpa St46802 260.467.2473Craig Ray
Public Affairs1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2020Melanie Hall
Purchasing Services1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2065Rodney Rathge
Pyramid for Success1200 South Clinton46802 260.467.2100Sandra Sunderland-Willis
Security Department1200 South Clinton Street46802 260.467.2125Dottie Davis
Strategic Initiatives1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2018Laura Cain
Student Services1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2120
Technology1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2160Jack Byrd
Textbook Rental1200 S Clinton St46802 260.467.2072Rodney Rathge
Transportation6006 Ardmore Av46809 260.467.1900 Frank Jackson
Transportation North301 W Cook Rd46825 260.467.1900 Frank Jackson
Transportation South6006 Ardmore Av46809 260.467.1900Frank Jackson
Warehouse and Delivery1511 Catalpa St46802 260.467.2505Roger Mitchell
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Bus Status for Non-FWCS Schools
Crossroad Child & Family Services2525 Lake Ave.46805260.484.4153
Family Education Center925 E State Blvd.46805260.969.4814
Turnstone Center3320 N Clinton46806260.483.2100
Crescent Ave. Daycare1232 Crescent Avenue46805260.423.4718